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Recently, my Casio Prizm became a hard brick (would not turn on, not even for "emergency OS updater" modes) and had to have its motherboard replaced. I paid nothing. Thanks Casio for having a three year warranty (my calc broke the day after its second anniversary), you're awesome. Oh wait, maybe you're not so awesome. I'll explain.As you probably know, Casio makes two models of the Prizm: the fx-CG 10 and the fx-CG 20. The 10 is sold mostly in the Americas, and the 20 in Europe and Asia. These two models are absolutely the same, inside and outside, except for two things: the model label and the fact that the CG 10 can't open g3p files not "provided by Casio" or created on the calculator (with the screen capture feature or using the Geometry add-in, for example).
Whether a calculator is a CG 10 or 20 is defined by some bytes in the lowest flash sector, where the bootloader resides. This area should never be modified, and not even OS updates so far change a thing in it. As a owner of a fx-CG 20, I could view any g3p picture with it. I could include g3p pictures, created on the computer with Casio's converter, inside eActivity files, and all was well. That was, until the day the calculator had to be repaired.The repair consisted of replacing the motherboard, and all the data I had on the previous one was irrecoverable - the only way anyone could recover it meant going to the point of desoldering the flash chip to read it with an external reader, mounting the relevant parts of the memory as a FAT filesystem, and copying my files to the new motherboard.

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